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In the event of inclement weather, Prime Watersports will, in consultation with the customer, determine if it is safe to proceed with the lesson. If the lesson is cancelled due to unsafe conditions or mutually agreed upon inclement weather, the Prime Watersports team members will do their best to reschedule for different times during the same day and/or a following date. Should the booking be cancelled completely due to bad weather, including unsafe water conditions, you will not be held responsible for any of the costs of the lesson.


If the weather turns unsafe after  a portion of the session has been completed, or is currently in process and partially completed, the customer will only be charged for the time incurred, rounded up to the nearest half hour. 


Below are examples of, but not limited to, inclement weather


  • Torrential downpour of rain

  • Thunder and lightning

  • Hail

*Inclement weather does not include cool temperatures, light rain or drizzle, windy, or choppy water conditions.


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